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Breakthrough Breast Cancer will receive donations from sales of both the paperback book and ebook versions

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Off Course Writers got together as a group of amateur writers following a creative writing course in September 2011.  We all live in Berkshire.

We held our first meeting in February 2012 and quickly realised we needed a bit of discipline to keep writing. Over the following year we came up with challenges over tea and cake.

'Do You Want Cake With That?' is a compilation of just some of the stories we have created since starting our writing group.  Having picked our favourites, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them along with the cake we ate at each other’s houses.

Cover illustrations by Ellen

Irene arranged for 'guest speakers' to join our group on a couple of occasions - published writers who inspired us (but who also made us a bit jealous too because we wanted our names on a book). 

So with thanks to the group and to those credited, we have managed to produce our first volume

Do You Want Cake With That? is our first book.  It took us 10 months to put it together - that's a lot of tea, homemade cake and gluten-free treats!  It was a learning experience for us all and we have managed to stay friends throughout endless decisions and voting on things from layout to photos via fonts.

We will make donations to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity from the proceeds so go on, buy another copy now!

All content of this website including stories, photos and images Copyright (c) 2014 Off Course Writers

Below are some excerpts from 'Do You Want Cake With That?' just to whet your appetite:

     New from Off Course Writers:

Sleepover at
Grandma's House

by Irene Lindsay
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Coffee with a Stranger

... Over his many years he had learnt how to start a conversation. Flattery was often his first attempt. Most people he found liked being flattered.

‘Ladies,’ he said across his table, in his clear crisp voice with a slight Welsh accent, ‘would you make my day and drink your coffee with me?’

It always surprised him that he was very rarely refused this request. He decided that the café was so warm, intimate and womb-like that it made people feel secure and safe. Or perhaps they were just on a “high” from the coffee and walnut cake.

The two women were forced to look at each other properly for the first time. There was a split second where they realised that joining this man would probably be marginally less painful than the time they were having so far. Henry was thrilled. He had time to decide that today he would be a retired gardener...

A Lucky Escape

... There was no point in falling into depression playing this silly game. She would find the lift to Platform 5. As she was standing waiting for the door to open, Maureen was aware of someone standing uncomfortably close behind her. She was aware of bad breath and body odour. Maureen moved quickly into the lift and stood against the back wall placing her case in front of her.

        ‘Escaping for New Year?’ enquired her rather scruffy lift companion.

        ‘Yes, I am actually,’ replied Maureen, without looking up.

        The lift stopped at Platform 5 and the door opened.

        ‘Ladies first,’ chortled her companion. Maureen looked up into an open mouth revealing rotting teeth. It was at that point she made her decision...